Rest, Recovery and Relaxation

I knew right from the start of training that rest was just as important as training and nutrition. I’d read it hundreds of times; rest days should be treated with as much importance as a scheduled workout, and 8 hours sleep a night is just as vital as the weekly long run.
Nonetheless, I have been failing in this respect. In my first week of “real” training, I was still trying to be social, to drink at weekends, and to just wing it as far as nutrition was concerned. I quickly learnt my lesson when, exhausted, I flopped into bed at 10pm on the Friday and woke at 3pm on the Saturday. That’s 17 hours sleep for anyone that’s counting!
And whilst I’ve definitely reeled it in as far as the socialising and alcohol are concerned, I’m just not sleeping enough, and its starting to translate to fuckups in my everyday life. So this weekend I headed off to my parents’ house for some well earned R & R. I raced a 10k, which was actually pretty tough, but the weekend has mainly been about switching off, eating, and napping.
That’s all folks! How do you make sure you get the right amount of rest? And what is the right amount of rest for your personally?
Lots of love,

3 thoughts on “Rest, Recovery and Relaxation”

  1. When it comes to rest, my emotions start acting up before my body does. So if I find myself feeling short and snippy or easily moved to tears, I know I need to calm down and get some more sleep and relaxation. I need my rest, so I need to get a consistent 7-8 hours of sleep a night. I mean, I can do a few days with less than that, but I start feeling the effects pretty soon.


  2. I am terrible at getting enough sleep. My alarm goes off at 5am (and I usually don’t get up until 6am), but try as I might, I can’t get to bed by 9pm to get 8 hrs. It definitely adds up and takes a toll on everything.


  3. It is soooo hard to get 8 hours of sleep a night! I get home around 6pm and need to be in bed and asleep by about 8-8:20pm to get 8 hours of sleep since i wake up between 4:20-4:30 to go to the gym during the week. Normally i actually manage to fall asleep around 9-9:30pm leading to about 7 hours of sleep. But i am trying to close this gap. Last night i was asleep by about 9pm.


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