Mindfulness: A Gratitude Reminder

Well folks, it’s finally happened. After a whole Autumn/Winter season of not being at all ill, I’ve finally succumbed to a rather nasty virus. The first 24 hours were especially rough, but after that I decided, rather stubbornly, that I was well enough to run, and did 4 recovery miles on my lunchbreak. Needless to say that was a dumb idea and I now feel like death warmed up.


When I called my parents for a catch up (and, let’s not lie, a bit of a moan and plea for some sympathy), my Dad, a former runner himself, asked how marathon training was going. I moaned for a good two minutes about how shitty I felt and what an idiot I was for not resting properly, when he interjected, ‘But your feet…?’ 


I’d been so caught up in my moaning about this virus that I’d completely failed to notice, or at least acknowledge, that I was two weeks into training, with moderately increased mileage and pace, with almost no discernible pain in my feet. I caught myself for a minute, realising how ungrateful I was being. Yes, I probably had overdone it, with running, socializing and work. And yes, my body was probably rebelling and demanding some well-needed rest. But I’d made so much progress in the recovery of my injury that I hadn’t even thought it worth mentioning to my Dad.


I think there’s a lot to be said for mindset. I was absolutely convinced that my injury was still to severe to begin training, until visiting my physio who said, with an objective set of eyes, and years of experience, that I’d made a considerable amount of progress. Once he gave me full endorsement to train properly, hard and at a decent pace, he allayed my anxieties. Now instead of feeling guilty about going for gentle runs, I know I have the backing of a trusted expert, and I’m so much more confident. So much so, that it’s stopped playing on my mind quite so much.


So I guess what I’m saying is I’m hugely grateful to be running again; grateful that my feet have recovered enough for me to be able to train; and grateful for my lovely physio. Of course I’m pissed at feeling so fluey and awful, but at least I know this will pass, and I’ll be back at it soon.

Here’s to gratitude!

How’s your training going? How are you keeping injury free this season?

Lots of love,

Pippa xxx


9 thoughts on “Mindfulness: A Gratitude Reminder”

  1. This is definitely a good reminder! Thanks!

    I’m glad your foot is holding up. My body is holding up pretty well too, thankfully! A few aches and pains, but nothing that sticks around. I’m doing Run Less, Run Faster, so I’m including a lot of cross-training which I definitely think has helped me stay healthy.


  2. That’s awesome! My efforts to remain injury free this year are to split my year between trail racing and road racing (seems to have worked well in the past), and to commit to strength training at least 3 times a week. Journaling and tracking this type of thing has helped so far. Good luck with your training once your cold has passed!


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