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Finally, some progress

A few days ago, I posted about a complete lack of motivation caused by the January slump, my foot injury and general business. Thankfully however, even just writing that post made me feel much better and more motivated, like I’d gotten a weight off my mind; and that’s not to mention the lovely comments and kind words that were left for me. So thank you!

But thankfully I’ve finally made some progress. I had a long cross-training session on Sunday, and even managed to get some squats and strength training in (so much so, I’m still paying for it with the DOMS!)

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 16.42.16.png

Additionally I visited my physiotherapist. Being lovely as always, he told me that despite all the pain I’m in, I’ve objectively made a lot of progress since the last time he saw me in October. He not only permitted, but encouraged me to keep on running, and said I could at least begin training for the marathon in April, although he wasn’t making any promises I’d make it to the starting line.

And so today, it hit me. I’m running a marathon.


Let’s just take a moment to panic.

As for training, the physio said I’m allowed to do sprints, intervals, hill repeats- the whole lot. Not that I’m guaranteed to be pain free (by any stretch of the imagination); but he seems to think it’s at least worth giving it all a shot and seeing how my body reacts.

So yeah. 100% on the marathon training bandwagon. Being in quite a bit of pain, it’s not the start I wanted, but I resolve to at least try to remain positive!

And if there’s one thing to be grateful for, it’s getting my mojo back. Thank you, internet runner friends!

Any tips to stop me panicking about the marathon?

Lots of love,



11 thoughts on “Finally, some progress”

  1. The important thing to remember about staying calm is not to doubt yourself… wait you’re doing a marathon?! ARRRRGGGHHH! (just kidding 😛 Don’t panic – I’m sure you’ll do great! )


  2. Hey, congrats go ahead to train for the marathon! My advice for big, scary athletic goals is to think about the actual event as little as possible, at least in the early weeks of training. Instead, just focus on doing the workouts in your plan that week. Eventually, you’ll have start having workouts or weeks that make you think, “I really can do that marathon!” That’s how it was for my half Ironman. I signed up with almost no triathlon experience, and I think the longest bike ride I had ever been on was about 20 miles. But I kept doing the workouts each week, and eventually, I had a run that was 13 miles. And then I had bike ride that was 56 miles. And a swim workout that was a mile. And I knew I could do it.


  3. As far as I’m concerned, you’re WAY ahead of the game. I didn’t start panicking until about 3 weeks before race day.

    The race was in the town where I live, starting and finishing downtown. I work downtown and the city makes an effort to make it attractive putting banners for various events on the light poles. When the banners went up for my race and I drove by them on the way to work the first day they were up…. I freaked out.

    Me: OMG. A marathon. What was I thinking? I’m a big goofy uncoordinated dork. How can I run a marathon??? You already paid. You cannot back out. GET IT TOGETHER.

    I swear I felt weepy every time I saw one of those banners the rest of the time until the race.

    Go ahead and panic. Just stick with your training plan while panicking. Everything will be fine. You may not finish in your goal time, but you’ll finish.


  4. wow thats some great news from the physio! I dont have any sage advice for you, ive never run a marathon myself but if you are able to train through the pain then when marathon day comes you will be so prepared! good luck with the training!


  5. I was in such a slump at the end of 2015! I blew off workouts and now I’m dealing with the consequences, lol. I’m back though. I am telling myself that I have to go and run everyday that my training plan says and if I feel shitty to just back off. It’s been better this week. Hope you start feeling better too!


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