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A Down Week

Well, this week has been a bit of a failure, fitness-wise. I have the January blues, I’m still getting into the swing of things at my new job, and my  running injury is back. All in all it hasn’t made for a New Years-worthy week of fitness. It hasn’t helped that fitness has been all over magazines, social media and in shop windows, as is always the case in January.


I’m trying really hard not to give myself a hard time about my lack of exercise this past week. I think there’s a bit of a vicious cycle going on though; I’m a bit down because I haven’t been able to get my usual endorphin rush. Plus my grand plans of running a marathon this year are ebbing away slowly but surely as this injury refuses to heal.


So what’s my solution to this? I’m giving myself the rest of the week off. The plan? To sleep, regroup, and relax. Maybe a bit of light stretching, but no proper cardio, and absolutely no running. I’ll use this down time to plan the logistics of the week ahead to ensure I hit the ground running. Or at least, you know, fail less than last week.


Not a very long post from me. But to conclude; I haven’t been living up to my reputation as a fitness freak. Then again, that’s not what it’s all about. Sometimes life gets in the way. So I’m taking it easy and being kind to myself. Because we all need a bit of TLC during January.


How do you motivate yourself when you’re in a funk?

Lots of love,



21 thoughts on “A Down Week”

  1. I think we all go through phases of not “being on it” then again the good times wouldn’t be as good if they happened all the time. I can’t remember who said it but “Sometimes you have to loose yourself in order to find yourself”

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  2. Since I picked up cycling, I haven’t had one funk… mainly because with a road bike and a mountain bike it’s easy to change it up and keep it fun. It’s been four years and I still look forward to every bike ride.

    Running, with funks, I’d run with friends. That always made for good times.

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  3. I can empathise. Fortunately I don’t have an injury to deal with but yes, January blues, Christmas weight gain, not fit feeling like a failure. My answer, for me, is to just keep on trying try to follow my plan one day at a time and not expect results for at least a month. When I’ve had bad times in the past in whatever area of life, it’s worked, just keeping my head down, working hard doing the right thing until it passes. I hope that things improve for you soon.😊


    1. I saw a really motivational youtube video the other day (posted on another blog) about how any dramatic change that you want to make will take at least a year, and you have to be prepared to put in the work and be patient. It really helped motivate me- to think about where I could be a year from now 🙂

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    1. Oh that sucks! I’ve decided to be super cautious and take the whole of this week off from running- just swimming and other forms of cross training. Being injured (and realising I’ve had this injury for 6 months now) has made me realise I really haven’t been doing what’s best for my body!


  4. we all have down times its good your taking yours when your injury is flaring back up so you can give it time to rest. taking some time off might be the best thing for you, i know you are still a fitness freak, that doesnt go away if you take some time off 😀


  5. I feel ya. I’m still not cleared to workout at all after my surgery. My jeans fit like sausage casings – not in a good way. I got winded walking up two flights of stairs this week – I ran a half less than 2 months ago!

    I’m trying to fight the funk by concentrating on eating well since I can’t work on my health through exercise at the moment. It’s a tough though! When I’m feeling down I want to have comfort food.


  6. Hey, just because you haven’t been doing a lot of exercise doesn’t mean you’ve been failing on that front. Sounds like you needed the rest.
    Also, it’s a bummer that this injury is back (why?!!), but it’s still early in the year! You can run a marathon this year, still 🙂


  7. Yes-be KIND to yo self lady!!! We all have off days, weeks, months…I like to plan my future endeavors while I’m down or out. Staying focused on future goals helps. And trying out other hobbies like cooking or scrap booking. Catch up on some reading! That ones my favorite way to regroup. Read. 🙂 remember : January will come and go!

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    1. Thank you so much for that! I think i had a bit of a breakthrough after writing this post and letting go of the guilt I was feeling. I managed to go to the gym on Sunday for some cross-training. Mondays are always rest days but then I’m back at it this week. Finally feeling some motivation!

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