The January Blues

So it’s January, which has a reputation for being the worst month of the year. It’s cold, Christmas is over, and everyone is feeling bloated and broke. I have to say the January blues don’t usually get me, but this year I guess it’s an exception. I had a lovely Christmas spent with friends and family, eating good food and going on lovely long runs in the countryside. So being back in London has been tough- getting up on that first Monday back at work was a real struggle!

So here’s how I’m trying to keep myself going.

Netflix and chill…seriously.

All jokes aside, I’m hooked on Making a Murderer, and have been watching it religiously on Netflix. One of my goals (resolutions?!) for this year was to try to spend less time running around like a headless chicken from one thing to another. Hence the time carved out in the week for watching TV with a cup of hot chocolate. It’s well-needed!

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 12.19.40
Me, of an evening.

No typical “resolutions”

Whilst I have goals for the year, I haven’t made any drastic resolutions. That means no fad detox, no diet and no Dry January. This month is hard enough as it is without adding a ton of extra pressure. Plus my lifestyle is fairly healthy as it is!

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 12.27.27

Podcasts and walking

I’m trying to walk as much of my commute as I can- usually twenty minutes from the main train station, as opposed to getting public transport. I’m completely in love with season 2 of Serial- for anyone who hasn’t heard, it’s about an American POW who abandoned his post in Afghanistan. It’s so addictive and keeps my mind occupied as I get some fresh air.  And let’s be honest, the tube sucks anyway.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 12.29.35

Concrete, short-term running goals

I have two events planned for this month; a trail-running day trip (this weekend!) and a 10K at the end of the month, both with City Runners. Whilst I have my long-term goals for the year established, it was really great to have some events in the diary to look forward to in the short term.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 12.32.40

Some gentle self-motivation

To be honest I’ve been in a bit of a slump with (all) fitness this past week. Being back in grey, rainy London has been a difficult adjustment when I spent a week exploring the fields, forests and trails of Herefordshire over the Christmas break. The gym is also going to be packed, since it’s January- but I managed to work out a lot during December, meaning I kind of want to be a lazy and use this as an excuse! I’m not being too hard on myself, but I’m sliiightly bullying myself into going on runs (even when it’s cold and rainy). Weirdly enough I’m seen as the fitness freak in my new office, so I have a reputation to live up to!

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 12.33.44

How do you motivate yourself through January? Hot chocolate? Food? Exercise?

Lots of love,




18 thoughts on “The January Blues”

  1. Really? That’s weird, I actually love January. It’s one of my favorite months of the year! Yes, it’s cold and the weather sucks, but I love the feeling of “newness” and the blank slate that’s in the air as everyone whips themselves into a frenzy of goal setting and self improvement. February is, in my opinion, THE WORST month of the year. The initial energy of January has worn off, it’s STILL cold and dreary – even more so! – and cabin fever sets in. Yuck! Luckily this year I’m going on a trip to Guatemala during February so it will be extra short 🙂 That’s how I’m coping. And marathon training!


  2. Oh, I’ve been meaning to listen to Serial… Bowe Bergdahl is from my home state, so I feel some sort of artificial connection there. And I’m with you on the “no traditional resolutions” thing. I like setting goals, but I can never come up with anything good on January 1 that I haven’t already set as a goal.


  3. luckily i have a half marathon in february that forces me to stay running motivated…everything else though, ugh! i gained some weight over the holidays that i need to kick to the curb so that helps with motivations as well. but then again i live in houston where its still sunny in january so im not affected as much by the gloom of grey skies as much. for real, grey skies have an impact on your mood its not just you.


  4. I just wrote about Making a Murderer– it’s so good!! I want to watch it again in fact. Also love serial but enjoyed season one a bit more than this current season. Happy running- it’s tough these days in the cold!


  5. I don’t usually mind January, but Christmas with my family felt too short this year! But getting all of the Christmas decorations down and getting the house reorganized did feel refreshing. January is usually tough because there isn’t another day off until the end of May, but I have a few days planned to be off. Starting off the year with the start of race training has helped, too.


  6. I’m having a tough January myself. After my little altercation with gravity back in November, I’ve had a bit of a tough time. I think the sum up of race day after my fall and broken nose is how we ‘met’. I had surgery on my nose on New Years Eve and consequently don’t have medical clearance to run until January 11th. I’ve been a bit of a slug between my last race and now knowing I wasn’t going to be able to do anything for somewhere from 10-30 days depending on how the surgery went. Luckily I only have to wait a few more days.

    Theoretically I’m taking Mark Zuckerberg’s challenge to run 365 miles this year and am planning to do 2 half marathons in 2 days in April. I guess I better make the REST of January count.


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