Mindfulness: Decisions, Decisions

One of the most important parts of mindfulness for me is the idea of always trying to better yourself, and taking an active, not passive role in your life.

I’ve been struggling quite a lot recently with some decisions I need to make, and somehow, completely coincidentally, I watched this TED Talk. It could not have come at a more perfect time, and has helped me with my decision making process. So here you go!

Essentially Ruth Chang maintains that hard decisions can often seem impossible because we’re comparing two options- be that a job, a place to live, or even a breakfast option- that aren’t directly comparable. That is, we’re not comparing the same metrics: the banking job may offer more money, but the graphic design job will allow me more time to spend with my family. How do you compare those two factors?

But then, she elaborates, these hard decisions are the moments in which we carve out the path we want for ourselves. It’s in making these choices that we affirm who it is we really want to be, and the kind of life we want to lead. And for that reason, she concludes, tough decisions are extremely empowering.

I really recommend giving this talk a watch- I hope it’s as useful to you as it was to me!
How do you confront tough decisions in your life? 

Lots of love,



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