On running naked 

This week, I ran naked for the first time in a long time. But no, sadly I don’t mean naked naked, but rather without any technology at all.

I’d known for a while that my obsession with my Garmin was getting a little out of hand. The other night for instance, when I plugged it in to sync my (really strong pace) run, it deleted all my data. And I was more pissed than I’d like to admit.

But last night when I went to run with my club, I’d been out and about all day at various meetings and interviews. I’d only just remembered to stuff some running kit in my bag and, obviously, forgot my Garmin.

My plantar fasciitis was playing up quite badly though, so it was actually the perfect time to run tech-free. I pootled along at a slow pace (and with a bit of a limp if we’re being perfectly honest) and chatted to a friend. We bemoaned the cold, discussed relationship drama and plotted how to survive  a mad family Christmas.

And before I knew it, the run was over! It didn’t hurt, I didn’t run it to pace, and I finished strong- not the breathless, swearing mess I usually am at the end of my Tuesday runs. (Then we all went to the brewery for a drink- who says runners don’t know how to have fun?)

It was nice to run without technology and made me really appreciate the act of running for what it is. I was also running without a heart rate monitor, meaning I had no idea of the calorie burn, and I’d have to very literally trust my gut and eat intuitively.

Here’s to the small wins!

When was the last time you ran “naked”? 

Lots of love,



27 thoughts on “On running naked ”

  1. I do 90 percent of my training with my garmin turn around or with black tape over the lens, so I can not see what is going on. But, I do check it afterwards when I download it. I encourage my athletes to do the same to see how they do on pacing themselves.

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  2. i hate running without tech I am an analyst by trade and in life so I just need those numbers if I dont have them i feel like the run didnt happen silly i know. im glad you enjoyed it so much!


  3. I have a hard time giving up the watch…though last time it happened was in my biggest race ever at the Chicago marathon when GPS was useless, it was then I kinda wished I had practiced a bit pacing without GPS…of course, I haven’t done it since 🙂

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  4. I ride naked all of the time… In a group I tend to use a minimalist computer, distance and current speed only. I need that so after that eighth mile above 30 mph, I know I can drop off the back and ride back with my friends. Seriously though, the way I ride, a computer is a necessity.

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      1. I run naked all the time!! Plus I never bought a Garmin. A) I’m cheap, but B) I know myself too well. The data would be all I’d care about…even during the run! I’ve run with my husband’s garmin a few times (and there’s even an extra one in the house). But No Way!! All I do the whole time is check my pace, check my distance…blah blah blah.


  5. Oh man I don’t know how you did it!! I’m too focused on keeping track of everything! It would drive me crazy not knowing!


  6. I don’t do anything ‘naked’ ;). Seriously though I don’t think I ever take off my Garmin 920. I hardly look at it when I’m running – but I love the data tracking. Swimming or biking without it would probably torture me!


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