Mindfulness: Gratitude

I’m British, and in Britain we don’t have Thanksgiving. I only did it once, when I was living in Colombia and there was a large American contingent. To be honest it was odd doing a winter holiday in the tropics, but fun nonetheless. I digress.


This is  perfect opportunity for me to practice gratitude, something I’ve been trying to do more frequently this year. Inspired by The List of Fifty, here are 50 things I’m grateful for.


  1. My besties Ben and Josh
  2. Being able to run again
  3. Warm socks
  4. Discovering new music
  5. Coffee
  6. Tea
  7. Cozy slippers
  8. Netflix
  9. My family
  10. My puppy Shady
  11. My three grumpy cats
  12. Being able to adapt my work days to my life
  13. Having a good living situation
  14. Losing myself in a good book
  15. Being able to keep in touch with friends from around the globe
  16. Peanut butter
  17. Toast
  18. Warming soup
  19. Living in London, even though it’s bonkers sometimes
  20. My therapist
  21. Workout clothing being so goddamn comfy
  22. Being able to run off a bad day
  23. Christmas being just around the corner
  24. Losing myself in a good film
  25. Having friends around me
  26. Meeting people through the blogging community
  27. My kindle
  28. Buying fresh flowers when I need a treat
  29. Candles
  30. Duvet days
  31. Always trying to learn more
  32. Runny egg yolks
  33. New books
  34. Merino wool jumpers
  35. Hot showers after cold runs
  36. Manicures
  37. Movie nights
  38. Fresh flowers
  39. Hot chocolate
  40. Lie ins
  41. Smoothies
  42. Protein shakes
  43. Dance parties
  44. Hand-written cards and letters
  45. Biscuits
  46. Whatsapp for keeping me in touch with everyone
  47. Support and kind words from Twitter
  48. Pasta
  49. Squats
  50. Rest Days

What is it you’re grateful for today?


Lots of love,




5 thoughts on “Mindfulness: Gratitude”

  1. Being Canadian, we celebrated Thanksgiving in October. My husband is British so Thanksgiving is still rather new for him though he’s been in Canada/US for over 10 years. I’m grateful for so much from my family to our health, to the roof over our head and food in our bellies. That I can run and be active outside. Or curl up by the fire. With everything going on in the world…I’m thankful for so many little things.


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