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For the love of lifting

I have recently begun a proper, legit strength training program. This has been a long time coming when I think about it, since I have long followed and admired Youtubers such as Megan Gallagher, Jazmine Garcia and Chelsea Karabin. But the idea of lifting, and lifting heavy was something that took me a while to get my head around.


Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 17.59.17
I mean look at this badass
Thankfully, I had a free personal trainer session at my gym, so I took that as an opportunity to learn proper form as well as get an idea of how much exactly I should be looking to lift.


Legs are my main focus at the moment because 1. #bootygainz and 2. as a runner I need to work on leg strength and stability. So I train legs twice a week, which has actually been a bit of a logistical nightmare when combined with my running- essentially I can’t train legs just before or after a long or pace run.
Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 18.08.06.png
But honestly, lifting has been one of the most empowering things I’ve done in a long time. Stepping into the free weights section of the gym is really intimidating as it’s a very male-dominated area, with testosterone raging and egos on the loose. But really, it’s so worth it. Being the only girl in the weights room make you feel badass; building strength makes you feel empowered. There’s really no other way to put it: lifting heavy shit feels awesome.
Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 18.05.58.png


I think as women we’re used to being termed the weaker sex, but gradually women who lift are becoming more mainstream thanks to badass female lifters and, of course, Crossfit.. Of course you still have to put up with comments about getting too big, too strong etc, but it’s just a case of not letting the body-policing get to you. It’s intimidating at first; I was scared to lift proper weight as I was just full of self doubt, as it wasn’t the normal thing to do- you mainly see women on the resistance machines or lifting smaller dumbbells. I had no idea just how heavy I would have to lift in order to make the progress I wanted- (hint: it was much more than I thought!)


I guess my point is this: running is tough, lifting is tough. They’re just two different forms of badassery. Each discipline  makes me feel empowered in its own way, so here’s to the #gains!

12 thoughts on “For the love of lifting”

  1. If the 2nd pic is you, then you’re looking good! (I mean this as a compliment…not stalkerish). I’ve been working on my arms. Women my age tend to get bat wings. So far I don’t have them, but now I’m purposely trying to keep them away! I feel good about it too!


  2. a friend of my is a fitness model competitor so she does all that heavy lifting and looks like a total ripped badass. your right though going to the free weights area is intimidating especially if you dont know what your doing! thats the hardest part, knowing what to lift and how…other than getting the courage to go over there and do it in the first place! cant wait to hear about your gains!!!


  3. Lifting is so empowering! I really only lift legs these days. I’ve been using pole fitness for upper body. But I do love going to the gym and being the only girl using the squat rack!!! It’s fun! Great job, you look fabulous!


  4. I think it’s awesome that women are doing things like lifting with as you say some pretty awesome role models out there. It’s still a battle though isn’t? I have a 4 year old daughter and already have had to had conversations about what are ‘girl’ things to do. That she doesn’t have to be about pink and princesses if she doesn’t want to be.
    I would add though that I find the free weights areas intimidating too, I’m a weedy looking runner and really don’t fit in with the demographic that normally resides there.


    1. Sounds like great parenting to me! It’s so great that lifting for women is becoming more mainstream, and every once in a while I see other girls lifting which is fantastic. Though you’re right, being an endurance athlete can mean you look a bit weedy to start off with- but that’s why you do it!


  5. Yes! All well said – definite bad-assery is at hand here and it sounds like you’re rocking it. Strangely enough, the freaks and bros in the free weights area also mostly keep me out of it, too. My boxing gym has added a weight room, however, and I’m very excited to get in there and start making some #gainz of my own! Here’s to yours!


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