The Runner’s Home

This image cracked me up more than I care to admit.



The only thing I’d add? Stretching is acceptable, and using any available surface is the norm.

I used to live with another runner. Compression tights and early nights were the norm. Sports bras hung to dry on every surface available. Yoga and foam rolling in the living room was perfectly acceptable. But since I moved out, and lived with normal people, I have started to appreciate just how odd we are; the things we do seem normal to us until we’re faced with normal life.

It took a while for my flatmates to get used to my odd ways; I don’t have a lot of modesty and can often be found walking around in a crop top, short shorts and (brightly coloured) compression socks- usually en route to the fridge for a bedtime snack, because #runger.

But on the plus side: I rarely run down cake, ice cream or beer.

How do your loved ones/flatmates/family members cope with your running habit?

Lots of love,


13 thoughts on “The Runner’s Home”

  1. my husband looks at me like Im crazy everytime I do the foam rolling / yoga stuff at night watching TV. he always asks me why im doing it if it hurts so much…because one day it wont hurt duh!


  2. My husband and I are both runners, and our 2 and 5 year old luckily think these odd things are normal! I’d add sniffing already-run-in clothes to see if they can legitimately handle one more workout before retiring to the dirty laundry basket until laundry day.


  3. Love that picture, definitely know what it’s like having to move furniture out of the way. If it wasn’t for guests coming over I’d get rid of the sofa and chair so I could start doing Insanity workouts in the living room again lol


  4. Thankfully i have turned one of my roommates into a bit of a workout aholic like me so that is helping a lot. She has even started a bit of running!!!!!! I am trying to convince her to do the seattle rock and roll half with me. We shall see……..


  5. Loved this post! Lol! After 20 yrs in a relationship being ‘normal’ I took up running and hubs has to put up with all that. A couple of weeks ago I decided to sleep in compression tights to aid recovery after a long run. He just laughed (a lot) an commented that he loved me because I’m ‘wierd’. Hey ho😊


  6. I think every one of those pictures is our house lol!
    Luckily both Steve and I run so we find it perfectly acceptable to have running stuff everywhere and to do weird stretches/foam rolling in the middle of the living room. And it’s not unusual for one of us to be sleeping in compression socks either!


  7. LOL – my wife is very sweet about it. My main issues are the stupid amount of workout clothes I have pouring out of my drawers (she huffs and puffs about this sometimes but I just tell her “You’ll get it one day”), and the pile of sweaty clothes I create every morning near the door to the laundry room as I strip on my way to the shower. This is, admittedly, a problem as I sometimes wait a couple of days before I actually take these out to the laundry…


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