An Ode to the Long Run

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I have always much preferred the Long Slow Distance run to Pace or Tempo runs. There’s something great about letting your mind zone out as your legs do the work for you. You can take in the scenery, listen to a podcast or work through your problems. One of my favourite things to do when I visit my parents is to take off into the countryside with my running shoes, a bottle of water and some snacks.

It was a Sunday back in August that I finally accepted I was injured; I’d gotten up early to have breakfast in preparation for my club long run, only to discover I couldn’t walk. I sat at my kitchen table and had a little weep. The long slow run really is one of my favourite things to do on a Sunday (I mean, apart from brunch, but run first, brunch later, right?!)

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Now I’m back running again (although very slowly, believe me), the Sunday long run is something I never want to miss. This last week in fact, I had been out at a housewarming until stupid o’clock in the morning, and still I dragged by butt out of bed on three hours sleep, and went for the run. That’s how much I love it.

My flatmates seemed concerned for me; saying things like Pippa you know you really don’t have to do this and Take a rest, it’s okay not to run. I don’t think they understand that this is something I genuinely love doing, and its a privilege for me, as opposed to an obligation.

And when I get to run with these peeps can you blame me!?


This Sunday’s run was of course a struggle, but we always knew that was going to be the case. Hangover + minimal sleep = not so much fun. But still, I enjoyed it! I had someone to keep pace with and natter along to, and then I was home in time for a well-deserved lunch!

So what I’m trying to say is, I’m so grateful to be able to run long and slow again. Never take it for granted!

When was your last great long run? Do you run with a group or alone?

Lots of love,



16 thoughts on “An Ode to the Long Run”

  1. My last great long run was before the Hartford Marathon in October. It was a 20 miler with friends and I felt AWESOME! I also prefer the long run to the pace related runs. I like to just relax, get in cruise control and enjoy the outdoors. I commend you for running with a hangover. If I’m hungover, you are lucky if I even think about running, let alone actually do it!

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  2. Mostly by myself b/c I am simply too lazy to arrange to run with folks. We so have a Sunday morning run group, if I’m feeling lonely I’ll join them. But I have to get in my car and drive there….so sometimes too lazy for that!


  3. This is my third year training for the marathon, but the first time I am giving it the real dedication necessary for success. The long runs are pure joy – conversation with the group takes all the sense of effort away, and the body just responds!

    Good running to you, and continued recovery! !

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  4. Sundays are my long run days and I really enjoy them (unless there’s freezing cold apocalyptic rain, but even then I still go!). Mostly I run by myself and listen to a podcast or my running playlist. I also like to mull over ideas for blog posts as I do my best thinking on the run when there are no other distractions.

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