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This Girl Eats: Muscle Mousse

For the past year I’ve been an advocate of a high-protein diet, for muscle growth and maintenance. I follow a ton of bodybuilders and powerlifters on Instagram and Youtube, and always got jealous of their delicious-looking protein noms.

Anyone else feeling hungry all of a sudden?!
Anyone else feeling hungry all of a sudden?!

So when Muscle Mousse asked if I’d give their product a go, I jumped at the opportunity. Not gonna lie, I’d previously seen some Vanilla Muscle Mousse in the kitchen at my office, and tried to figure out just how much of a douchebag it would make me if I stole some, just to try it out for myself.


So anyway, when my bag of Muscle Mousse arrived I was pretty stoked. They’d sent the chocolate flavour which was fine by me. To be completely honest, I was curious but didn’t have high expectations about the texture. I mean, it was a health product, and the nutritional information was just too good.


Well, I was wrong. This stuff tastes exactly like chocolate mousse, and the texture is on point. So much so that I’d sometimes forget it was healthy and feel a wee bit guilty after eating it. But no. It’s amazing. Each portion has 176 calories and 30g of protein. To be honest I usually only have half a portion with some fruit, as it can get a bit sickly after that!

11093063_432408453588183_1170732205_nThe biggest plus for me was that it completely cured my afternoon slump cravings. These would come in the form of insatiable #runger at around 4 o’clock. I had tried high fibre snacks, healthy fat sources and even protein shakes, but I would always be left wanting more. And more, and more. But I think it’s the combo of the protein in Muscle Mousse plus the texture which keeps me full. Now that I’m working from home, I keep my bag of Muscle Mousse handy for after a workout, or late night cravings. It’s so good, and completely guilt free.

Has anyone else tried Muscle Mousse? How do you combat your afternoon cravings?

Lots of love,



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