Well, that happened…

In a somewhat predictable and nonetheless shocking turn of events (for me at least), I will be running a Spring Marathon in 2016.

A marathon. Shit.

What have I done?!

Well, I was unsuccessful in the London Ballot- odds are around 15/1, so this wasn’t a huge surprise. What did surprise me is how much I not-so-secretly wanted it, to the extent that I was telling my colleagues about the Ballot in great detail whilst I waited to receive my results. But alas, it was not to be. In the haze of disappointment at not getting a place, mixed with the gratitude for the support I got on my recent post about why I entered the ballot in the first place, I only went and signed up for a different one.


But I’ll be training for it with a group of fellow London Marathon rejects from my Athletics Club. We all decided to go for Manchester, which is billed as The Flattest, Fastest and Friendliest UK Marathon. I’ll take that very nicely thank you!

Nonetheless, fear has begun to set in. It started when I realized just how long I’ll need to train for. I haven’t run in 8 weeks, and I’m supposed to start training in freakin’ November?! That’s next month.



As a result, I’ve been feeling slightly nauseous about the whole thing. But, I know I’ll form a plan and get it together by the time April comes around. Plus, I can’t wait to train with my club, since I’ll need all the help I can get!

Yay for marathons! Is anyone else running a Spring Marathon in 2016?ย 

Experienced marathoners, please reassure me!

Lots of love



19 thoughts on “Well, that happened…”

  1. Not sure I qualify as an “experienced” marathoner…Chicago next week, holy crap, will be just my 5th but I am planning on many more…actually about another 46 if you check my site ๐Ÿ™‚ A spring marathon gives you plenty of time to get ready. Prior to training for Chicago, I hadn’t done any serious running for 3-4 months but stayed in reasonable shape – just not hardcore running. Then took about 4-6 weeks to get ready to begin the actual training plan. Of course, I wont know how well that worked until about this time next Sunday but based on previous marathons, this has been by far my best training cycle. And, as far as a spring marathon goes, yeah, I have one lined up but it’s after our winter trip to Maui to run the Maui Oceanfront marathon in January!

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    1. Oh my days Maui sounds dreamy! I’m very jealous ๐Ÿ˜€

      Thank you for that reassurance! I’ve been doing some serious swimming, cycling and cross training whilst I’ve been off running in the hopes of keeping my fitness level up. I’m just terrified of doing more damage when I finally get back to it. Currently I’m thinking of forming a training plan that’s based around minimal (3 days per week) running with 2 days of intense cross training and lifting. Let’s see how that goes- my AC may advise me otherwise!


    1. Thank you! Once I get this injury sorted I’ll be getting out there! I’m weirdly excited about winter training as i’ve idealised it as being all crisp sunny mornings but I know that living in England that won’t be the case. Still, post-run hot chocolate and duvet days sound pretty sweet ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. You’re going to do just fine! You know what you need to do to prepare and you have a support system in place so no need to panic. I can definitely relate to the feeling though! I hope you start to feel better soon so you can start training!

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  3. Congrats!! You are going to do just fine. Marathons are always scary and intimidating but there really is nothing like the feeling of crossing that finish line after all those weeks and months of hard work. It really does transform you.

    I am doing a Spring marathon on May 1. Having done both a fall and a Spring marathon, Spring marathons are where it’s at, in my opinion. I like not having to train hard in the summer, and even though the weather sucks training in the winter, I have more free time and the training helps stave off cabin fever.

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  4. It’s great you have a group to train with. I’m sure once you start training with them and have a legit schedule, you’ll feel much better about doing it. It’s great that you’re still going for it! I have still yet to get to the marathon level, but maybe the year after next I’ll go for it. Good for you!


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