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Monday Motivation: This Girl Can

Mondays can suck. But luckily, I found some motivation that I just had to share. I stumbled across this image on Tumblr and fell in love immediately.


It perfectly captures the huge variety of women in sport who share a common goal. From the pro athlete to your average gym-goer, we’re all just trying to make improvements in our lives (and feel like a badass in the process). Just look at the amazing diversity!

The message behind this image goes hand in hand with This Girl Can, a national campaign aimed at getting more women involved in sport and dispelling the myth of what an ‘active’ woman looks like. I absolutely love everything the campaign stands for, so check out the video if you haven’t seen it already. Prepare to be inspired!

Do you have any Monday Motivation to share? And when was the last time you felt like a badass?

Lots of love,



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