I need help.

Your help, specifically.

As you may know (or have you somehow managed to escape the news?!) I’ve been off running with plantar fasciitis for about a month now. I’d been having issues since the end of July but it escalated recently and I’ve been officially 100% off running. Nothing. Nada. Not one bit.


My goal (first ever) Half Marathon is on October 11th. This gives me just under 4 weeks, if hypothetically I was able to return to training next weekend. This is not necessarily going to happen. Therefore I am tempted to pull out and sell on my place, as I’m not sure I’ll even make it to the start line, let alone finish under 2 hours, which was my goal.

An alternative: the Thames Meander Half on November 4th. It seems to be the last half of the 2015 season in my corner of the world. It’s part off-road, and more ‘undulating’ than I would have liked for my first attempt, but I could give it a go. That way I would be able to rest properly for another 2 weeks, and still have 4 weeks of training left (whatever form that takes, injury allowing).

What do you think? Rush two weeks of (any) decent training to finish my goal race, or put it off for a month?

It’s really important to me to race a Half Marathon this year, for so many reasons. I don’t want to put it off altogether.

Please help me decide!


18 thoughts on “I need help.”

  1. Hi Pippa. Sorry to hear the injury is still hampering you. I would definitely defer the race if you can, so you don’t rush back from injury and also so you can give your sub-2 hour target a good go with more training behind you. It might even be worth not booking the November 4th race yet, so you don’t have the pressure to rush again without being ready. Depends on if you can find a half near you in December time though!

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  2. I don’t know what your reasons are for needing to run a half this year, but I highly doubt any of them are worth risking even further injury by forcing yourself into something you aren’t ready for. I would think your first half marathon experience would be much more rewarding and special if it’s something you can really work and train hard for and perform your best at – even if that means waiting a little longer than you expected. Any goal worth having is worth being patient for.

    Are there ANY other halves in late November/December? That might be a better bet for you. It would give you more time to at least get in shape to be able to cross the finish line, although maybe not in the time you’d hoped. Good luck!

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    1. Thanks for your thoughts! I actually found another one in late November, so I could hypothetically take another 2 weeks of running (and stick to swimming, cycling etc) and come back to training nice and strong. I think at this stage it’s more important just to finish, even if it’s not in the ideal time- I need to readjust my expectations! 🙂

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  3. I had a flare up last year and just took the rest of the season off. Now, generally running is my least favorite so I was able to fill my workouts with other things and then I didn’t seriously attempt running again until this summer. While I don’t think it necessary to wait this extreme amount of time, do listen to your body and let it heal. If you rush it, you are just going to have to take even more time off of running to let it heal.

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  4. I think your plan of a late November half would be absolutely fine – provided you felt you were fully healed of the PF. You’re definitely capable of finishing a HM in a very respectable time, despite the time you’ve had off running. I would still love to come and support you at your first HM – or even run it with you to help with pacing if you would like!

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  5. Totally agree! Hold off till November, you don’t want your first HM to be plagued with disappointment. Also have you heard about Anti-Gravity treadmills – I have never used one but a few Sports Physio places in London have them, It allows you to train without the usual heavy foot and leg impact.. May mean you can get back to running a little sooner than expected 🙂

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  6. Agreed, sorry Pippa! It’s rubbish to be off the running but you don’t want to make things worse do you? I’d be the same as you, itching to get back in training! I’ve got a meniscus tear in my knee so I feel your frustration! Hope you feel better soon!


  7. dont rush it! you could hurt yourself more than already and that is just not what you want to do. i have a stress fracture and had to take 4 weeks off running. i was so upset about it at the time but if i had actually broken my foot to rush getting back at it that would have been way worse than the stress fracture. heal up lady!!

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  8. I’m sorry that you’re off running. I had PF November through February of last year, but I sillily tried running a half marathon through it and ended up taking off completely, versus being able to go for shorter runs. Bascially, it’s good you’re taking the time off to heal.
    Bummer about the race though! But I would wait. Like Adam mentioned, I also would wait to sign up until I felt confident I could race. Missing a race is lame, missing a race you paid for is even worse.

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  9. So…I’ve had a friend who dealt with plantar fasciitis…and she kept running and working out on it. And after finally taking rest and getting surgery, it still bothers her some because she didn’t rest it properly when it first flared up. I know it’s tough to hear and I’m so sorry you’re dealing with plantar fasciitis, but it’s something to be very careful with. I know it’s an injury that can linger if you don’t take the serious rest you need. Keep taking a break from running and play things by ear. I wouldn’t rush into any racing until it really starts feeling better :/ Sending you super healing vibes!!

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  10. It’s probably a bit late now but yes, skip the half and recover yourself first! But I’m sympathetic with you, my mood went soooo low only because of a flu that prevented me to run for a week. Hope you can restart your run as soon as possible.

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