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What happened to July?

In the same vein as my previous post, I’m trying to be more rounded in both my blog and my life. Trickier than it sounds. Anyway, here’s my rundown of July in case anyone actually cares what I get up to. It’s kind of a July Favourites. Kind of.

hre comes treble

I’ve been running quite a bit. It’s been a month of firsts for me: first sports massage, first run commute, first social run, first club run. There’s been a lot going on! However, I’ve also been getting sick of (my) endless run chat, so I’m trying to rein that in a bit.

I PB’d! I finished my most recent 10k race in under 50 mins (49:18 to be precise) and I was over the moon chuffed with it. It may not sound like a huge achievement, but this was considerably faster than any of my previous times! It was also rainy as fuck and consequently very miserable, so I’m hoping to get even faster for my next (hopefully sunny) race at the end of August.

Yeah I know it says 49:41 but I’m counting my net time 😉

I’m going to be in London for a while. I spent most of January to June in Mexico, and the whole thing rewarding and stressful in equal measure. But it seems like London is going to be where it’s at for the foreseeable future, and I couldn’t be happier! Whilst all my friends are looking to escape their daily commuter lives by way of exotic holidays, I’m comforted by the weekly routine and have taken to exploring the city more in my free time.

I’m reading again! I was going to say I got lazy with reading this year, but that’s not the case. That would actually be very unfair to myself. I physically didn’t have time to read, what with my long hours, crazy travel and messed up sleep schedule. I prioritized working out over reading and I stand by that decision. However, I’ve just finished Paper Towns and bloody loved it. So great to get lost in a story again.


I’ve been reaching out to others for help when I need it. I suffer from quite severe anxiety at times, and yet I’ve never really allowed people to help me with it. I recently had a really handy (although not particularly fun) chat with my bestie Ben, in which I explained the things he could do and say to make things better, or at least not make things worse. This was a big step for me. Normally I’d just get anxious with a person and hide away from them so that I wouldn’t snap. Now, things are more open, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

I’ve been getting pumped to Gangsta Rap. I have an amazing pump-up playlist for both lifting and running. It gets me going on my morning commute as well. I kind of hate myself for loving it so much though, since the language is so horrifically sexist. 27

I baked protein muffins. And they were the bomb! I can’t take credit since I got the recipe from my favourite blogger Run Eat Repeat, but I can’t believe how deliciously nommy they are! And hats off for the recommendation of having them toasted with nut butter.

I just want to get it over with. My half marathon, I mean. And not in a bad way, either. It’s 10 weeks away, and I’m sick of waiting and planning everything. I think I could finish a half at this point, but not necessarily do it properly (I’m aiming for sub-2 hour since it’s my first). I’ve even been looking up earlier races. Ugh. Patience has never been my forté. I’ll just wait for October, I guess.


What did you love this July? Do you ever get super impatient about your goals?


4 thoughts on “What happened to July?”

  1. seriously though, what happened to July right? I am SUPER happy about it though because I am counting down the days till my long-distance bf becomes my live in bf when he moves to australia in 3 weeks! 🙂 Cannot.contain.excitement. And YES for gangster rap! I totally feel the same way about it, LOVE it but don’t wanna think too much about those lyrics for sure!

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