Working after a long flight

I recently flew back to our London office. Sadly, because of the way the time difference works out, I land at around 5pm the Thursday evening and have to be in the office Friday morning. Even more sadly, I fly economy, meaning I am not well rested when I land.

I’m almost certain work would let me take a day working from home, in which to recuperate slightly (and work in my PJs), but honestly I’d rather just be in the office. I’d rather get myself into London commuter mode sooner rather than later. It staves off the jetlag, even if it is unpleasant.

Here’s what I’ve learnt so far about going to work jetlagged and somewhat exhausted.

1. Be prepared

In my case, this includes topping up my Oyster and phone online (and in advance), laying out clothes for the next day, and deciding what I’m ordering from Pret for breakfast.

2. Write idiot-proof instructions for yourself. 

I’m writing a to-do list even a 5 year-old could understand.

3. Schedule an easy’ task

For me, this is updating the translations on our website. I can do it easily as it doesn’t require too much abstract thought or planning, which is something I struggle with when jetlagged. Also having a task, rather than sitting at your desk all day staring at a blank screen, will make the day go more quickly.

4. Plan a treat lunch

Take the opportunity to catch up with colleagues you haven’t seen in a while. On a side note, there’s no way you need to be thinking about bringing your own lunch (something I often do). Go easy on yourself.

5. Lower your expectations

You are not going to be your most productive self today. You know it, and I’ll bet everyone else in the office knows it. Just do the best you can, with what you have, and you’ll be just fine. Get to the end of the day, and have a glass of wine on the sofa.

Lots of love



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