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Weird things that happen to you when you live in a hotel

1. You become a bit of a slob. Although my hotel room is never horrific, it’s always at a state of kind-of-messy because I do just enough that the cleaners can actually do their job.

2. You get creative when it comes to health. For instance, I take a complimentary apple every evening when I walk through reception. Some days it’s my only source of fruit.

3. You hear a lot of nighttime activity. Still haven’t figured out how to deal with this. Should definitely have brought earplugs with me, but sometimes I don’t think that would make a difference.

4. You don’t really get over the freebies. One of the cleaners told me she knew I was stashing away the free body cream. I should have been more ashamed, but it’s such a convenient travel size!

5. You have high breakfast standards. My current hotel doesn’t have breakfast included (weep) but I can find my way to a breakfast buffet with my eyes closed. Dreamy fruit? Scrumptious coffee? Pancakes?! Oh yes please.

6. You live for clean sheets. It’s one aspect of hotel life I cannot get over. Slipping into clean, freshly laundered sheets every night is a dream. Even if I’m not sleeping that well, I’m not even that bothered.

¡Nos vemos!



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